• Perl interpreter with objects (tested on 5.8.4)
  • ssh and scp client with the ability to perform no-password authentification
  • Access to the network (any port is fine)


  • Perl interpreter with objects (tested on 5.8.4)
  • ssh and scp server configured to perform a no-password authentification from the Master

Linux and most Unixes

Download the tar-ball from the download page and store it to some directory. Lets assume it is /home/clusterrabit/. Uncompress the tar-ball with:

$> tar -xvzf simparex-0.x.tgz

If you want to do a system-wide installation you need to have root permissions. You can get them with:

$> su root

Start installation with:

$> make install

The Makefile performs a syntax check of the perlfiles first and will start the installation script. Please answer the questions you are asked and everything should be fine. If you run simparex the first time it will generate configuration files for you. Depending on you needs you can either run simparex as root and it will create files on in /etc/simparex/ or as normal user and you configuration files will be put into ~/.simparex/

Please refer the user guide to see how to use it and setup it.

Good Luck!

Other Operating Systems

There is currently no support for other operating systems than unixes. The design is platform independent, however, there is some platform dependent code. If you need it, please contact me and/or feel free to port it ;-)